Chicago Computer Support Services

Computer Hardware and Software Repairs, Computer Network Troubleshooting and Resolution, Computer Setup and Installation, Computer Information Security and Audit, Computer Maintenance, Recondition and Repair Services, and Rental & Lease Services.

Computer Hardware Software Repair

It can be frustrating when a computer hardware or software goes down especially when you are using it. Kitarra understands this feeling so we strive to troubleshoot and identify the problem in your computer hardware and/or software to be able to fix it as quickly as possible and have it up and running in no time. Our team of experts has direct lines to the office providing you with price quotes of parts to be replaced within a short time. We can also evaluate and monitor your current computer usage and status and make recommendations that will allow you to have a faster and error free system. We can also assist you in installing and customizing your computer. Whatever your needs may be, we will do our best to help you every step of the way.


Computer Network Resolution

Networking technologies nowadays can be very complex and expensive if not implemented correctly. But it can also be an asset of network efficiency that will improve your overall business performance. With our team of skilled technology specialists, we provide a variety of services in order to address your networking requirements. Our expertise enables us to efficiently develop solutions to meet your business objectives that will guarantee reasonable, manageable systems and provide the best technology support. Kitarra will help you design, build, set up and sustain a reliable, safe and flexible network infrastructure. We offer the best computer network services that display the highest degree of professionalism. Your financial flexibility and peace of mind is our top priority.

Each individual has different needs and requirements. That’s why hardware set-up and installation is a big investment. You need to know the right configuration and proper maintenance in order to support it. At Kitarra, we can handle all your hardware support requirements and help you troubleshoot and diagnose related problems. From set-up to installation, we can do all of these for you.

Computer Information Security

Computer buyers cannot always rely on the convincing words of the manufacturers and vendors to ascertain the suitability and reliability of the products. A security evaluation gives the buyer a level of assurance that the product meets the manufacturer’s stated claims and the buyer’s expectations. The process of product evaluation for certification based on criteria consists of a series of tests established on a set of levels wherein each level may test for a specific set of standards. Kitarra provides a level of security assurance that the product meets your expectations.

Is your computer running slow? Does it show random error messages and blue screens? Then you’re probably experiencing computer problems that will require regular maintenance. Computers are like homes, cars and other appliances that need maintenance to ensure that it is running properly and virus free. Computer Maintenance can be automated by configuring your computer to increase its speed, keep it organize, prevent errors and secure data and information.

Consider the following guidelines to help you keep your computer organized and run smoothly:
1) Secure your computer – help protect your computer from Internet Threats, 2) Stay up to date automatically – set-up your computer to automatically receive and install updates to improve their security and performance, 3) Configure Windows Power management – configures your computer power to reduce electrical usage or extend battery life, 4) Backup your important data files – create back-up files using an external hard drive so you can recover them if necessary.

Recondition and Repair Services are applied to computers and electrical equipment which make computer systems running slowly through inefficient use of software and overuse of older equipment. On the other hand, PC Recondition and Repair are performed on older computers and electrical equipment that customer still want to use instead of buying a new product. Fortunately, Kitarra offers both services to its clients. Our staff can repair and recondition older equipment as well as sanitizing hard drives to eliminate virus and spyware infections. Consequently, Kitarra’s services also include computer reformation, recondition and re-installation of systems, security, and testing.

Do you need to rent or lease computers? Kitarra can help you since we are also engaged in computer rental and leasing services. We provide quality and affordable products. Kitarra specializes on total computer package, hardware and software installation and maintenance along with the rental. This could help you save money in buying the equipment and a way to upgrade existing computer systems without the immediate expenditure. Kitarra carefully selects its clients and companies that they deal with before structuring the rental and lease.