• Technology: Web Services

    Web Services
    Don’t under estimate the power of Internet. Capture wider or even global market through your enhanced online presence. At Kitarra, we have a complete range of solutions to put your business online from basic Website Development and Improvement Solution to Web Marketing and Internet Distribution. Read more on Web Services.
  • Technology: Computer Repair and Support

    Computer Support Services
    We strive to give our customers a smooth and worry free operation by taking care of their computer hardware and software needs. We have professional support engineers on stand-by as well as a set of spare parts ready to be deployed when the need arises. Kitarra can take care of your network design, installation & troubleshooting, computer setup & installation, technology security & audit, computer maintenance, and system reconditioning. Read more about Computer Support Services.
  • Technology: Managed Computer Services

    Managed Computer Services
    We provide consulting and computer services for companies for a short-term and long-term basis. We can instantly address problems to avoid system downtime, and assist your staff for their computer related concerns. These services could avoid small problem from becoming major issues. Review our various monthly Managed Computer Services plans. We have various packages to choose from such as Low Cost Remote Monitoring (with or without on-site repairs), Proactive and Preventive Maintenance Programs, and Low Cost Network Security Monitoring. Read more about Managed Computer Services.
  • Technology: Multimedia Services

    Multimedia Services
    We are comprised of a dedicated team of web experts and is committed to understanding and addressing the fundamental business objectives of your company. We have the expertise and capabilities to shepherd your project from concept to completion. Kitarra also specializes in electronic media solutions from website design to video and audio production, and consultation. Read more about Multimedia Services.
  • Finance: Energy Incentives For All States and Monthly Utility Savings

    Energy Incentives
    We will evaluate your existing energy usage for the entire year. Let's determine the best strategy and cost effective saving for your monthly utility usage. You will obtain yearly cost savings near thousands dollars for medium-sized retail stores or buildings. This full service is no cost to you and we do all the work. Your energy saving potential is based on usage of: indoor / outdoor lighting, refrigeration, cooler controls, HVAC, signage, tinted windows, kitchen equipment, and roofing. Read more about Energy Incentives.

Share files from computer to mobile phone and back

Transferring files from your smartphone to your computer, or vice versa, is about to get a little more convenient. Bump, whose iOS and Android apps enable users to share data by simply tapping their phones together, announced a new version of its Web client that lets you transfer files to and from your computer. The updated Web client is universally compatible with Bump on iOS and Android, meaning... [Read more of this post]

Credit Report – Tips on Disputing errors

Disputing credit report errors can be complicated and frustratingly slow. But it is also a necessary task for Americans who want to avoid paying more on loans and credit cards for a mistake they did not make. A Federal Trade Commission study found that one in four consumers surveyed discovered an error in at least one of their credit reports from the three major credit bureaus. Only 5 percent of the... [Read more of this post]

Creating the Best Website

There are a lot of considerations to be made when creating an effective website. Since your main goal is to attract visitors who will buy your products or services, investing on a good website is very important. If you are wondering on how it can be done, follow these simple steps and you will never go wrong. 1. Balance content and design – Having a positive first impression to your clients is... [Read more of this post]

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    “Kitarra helped me make significant improvements in my business. With their consistent and reliable IT support in place for an unbelievably reasonable fee, our sales and customer service performance has greatly improved! I have peace of mind knowing that I’m assured of Kitarra’s committed support.”

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    Computer Mouse
    There are a lot of web hosting plans and providers and if you want to know a good web hosting provider, there are specific criteria that you have to pay attention - bandwidth, security, customer service, download speeds, disk space. Read more on hosting providers.